Beef Salad Sauce


300 g carrot(n)
4 EL Butter
500 g beef, cooked
250 g mushrooms, fresh
3 EL chives, in rolls
2 EL parsley, chopped fresh
8 EL sour cream
5 EL beef broth
  pepper, white
  lettuce, for Garnish


Working time:
approx. 20 Min.

Rest period:
approx. 12 hrs.

/ Difficulty:

/ Calories p. P.:

approximately 343 kcal

The carrots, peel and cut into slices. 2 tablespoons of Butter and fry the carrot slices and saute in it for 3 Min. Then let it cool.
The beef is cut into thin strips. The mushrooms clean, damp wipe and cut into slices.
The rest of the Butter and fry the mushrooms in it add water and vegetable soup.
Peel the onion and chop finely.
All the prepared ingredients in a bowl and mix with a Sauce made from herbs, sour cream, beef broth, salt and pepper mix
Over night in a cool place.
The salad with fresh bread or fried potatoes to serve.

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