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500 g broccoli
500 g minced meat
500 g pasta
200 g cheese, grated
200 ml cream
400 ml Crème fraîche
  salt and pepper
  paprika powder noble sweet
  chicken broth, instant


Working time:
approx. 30 Min.

/ Cooking/Baking Time:
approx. 40 Min.

/ Difficulty:

/ Calories p. P.:

no information

I put on salted water for the pasta and cook the noodles until they are still firm to the bite. At the same time, I put on a pot of water in which the broccoli is put into it, and the seasoning of this broth with some chicken and a little nutmeg.

When the pasta and broccoli are done, I’m roasting the meat and spice it with salt, pepper and Paprika. Only for frying, otherwise the meat is too dry.

Now I fill in the cream with the Crème fraîche in a bowl, mix it up and spice this with salt, pepper and a little broth. I take chicken broth, because the casserole will taste better with her than with beef broth.

Now I layer in a baking dish, first the noodles, then the minced meat and the broccoli. Over the top I give then the cheese and finally the cream-Crème-fraîche sauce and place the casserole for 30 – 40 minutes in the oven at 180°.

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