Nacho Layer Salad

Ingredients: 500 g Minced, mixed 1/2  iceberg lettuce 1 bottle Sauce (Salsa Sauce, approx. 350 ml) 1 box Corn 3  tomato(n) 1  sweet Pepper(n) 1 Cup sour cream 1 Cup natural yogurt (small Cup) 3 EL Miracel Whip 200 g cheese (Gouda), grated 1 Bag/n Nacho(s) 1 pinch(n) salt  something pepper   paprika Directions: Working time: approx. 30 Min. …

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Potato salad

Ingredients: 2 kg potato(n), (waxy variety) 1 large onion(s), (fine 250&nbsp diced);ml vegetable broth or chicken broth 3 EL white wine vinegar (mild, such as Marc de champagne vinegar) 2 EL Dijon mustard, with green pepper 200 g Mayonnaise, (homemade or really good finished product) 6 small gherkin(n), (fine cut)   cucumber liquid Directions: Working time: …

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Swiss sausage salad a la Uschi

Ingredients: 600 g sausage, Lyoner (veal sausage) 1 large onion(n) 4 large cucumber(n) (pickles from the Spreewald kind), in cubes 4 large tomato(n) 1  Pepper(s), red, marinated off the glass 300 g cheese, Leerdammer 6 EL vinegar (salad master Vollwürz or veteran wine) 3 splashes sweetener, or sugar 1/2 TSP, gestr. salt 1 TL, gestr. mustard, medium sharp 1 TL …

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Ingredients: 1 Pck. glass noodles 300 g beef, or Turkey meat 1 large onion(s), small 1 large carrot(s), small, grated 1 small eggplant(n), diced, small 1 small Zucchini 1 toe/n garlic, crushed 4 diced EL soy sauce 1 TL vinegar essence   tomato  something salt and pepper Directions: Working time: approx. 15 Min. / Cooking/Baking Time: approx. 15 Min. …

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The World’s Best Tacosalat

Ingredients: 500 g beef 1 large onion(n) 2  garlic clove(s), to taste, more or less 1 bags spice mix (Fuego Taco-Mix) 1  iceberg lettuce 4  tomato(s), diced 1  cucumber(s), diced 1  Pepper(s), green, diced 1 box Corn, drained 1 box kidney beans, drained 1 Cup Crème fraîche 1 Cup sour cream 1 Cup sour cream 2 Bag Emmental cheese, …

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Fried sheep’s cheese wrapped in bacon on arugula-Parmesan salad

Ingredients: 300 g sheep cheese (e.g., Manouri) 100 g bacon  n. B. arugula  n. B. Parmesan cheese, freshly Directions: Working time: approx. 10 Min. / Cooking/Baking Time: approx. 10 Min. / Difficulty: simple / Calories p. P.: no information Arugula and wash with balsamic vinegar and olive oil and garnish on the …

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