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Caught fish in parchment paper


4 large fish fillet(s) (cod, redfish, etc.)
6 small tomato(n)
250 g sheep’s milk cheese, mild
50 ml olive oil
2 EL thyme, dried
  salt and pepper


Working time:
approx. 10 Min.

/ Cooking/Baking Time:
approx. 30 Min.

/ Difficulty:

/ Calories p. P.:

no information

First 2 pieces of baking paper (approx. size of baking sheet). The two fish fillets in the center side by side on a baking piece of paper and vigorously with salt and pepper. The tomato nest, and on the fish. The sheep’s cheese cubes, and also. Now the Oil evenly drizzle everything with a tablespoon of thyme and sprinkle.

To fold then package, seal, and staple if necessary, and place on a baking sheet. At 200 degrees. bake for 30 minutes.

This rice tastes best.

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