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Cheese Cake Schnapps


375 g Quark (10 % Tr fat i. d..)
150 g sugar
250 ml milk
2 Bag vanilla sugar
1 bags lemon peel, grated (granules, for example, Citro-Back) or lemon sugar (the equivalent of approx. 10 g)
200 ml vodka or grain


Working time:
approx. 15 Min.

/ Difficulty:

/ Calories p. P.:

no information

The recipe and the information yield about 1 l of cheese cake schnapps.

Quark, sugar, milk, vanilla sugar and grated lemon rind together. With a whisk or mixer, mix until a Homo is born genes, as well as creamy liquid. Then, in a clean, empty 1 l bottle of water (Important so that there is no bad taste!) or other lockable (!) 1 l vessel fill. Last with vodka or grain filling, everything a good swirl and shake.
In the 1 l bottle of approximately 200 ml of alcohol to fit in at this time, then it is full. More is also not recommended to keep the sweet cheesecake taste. Maximum quantity of approximately 200 ml of alcohol is, therefore, a total of 1 l of the Shots.

The Shot is intended for direct consumption and in the short term. In the case of storage in the refrigerator, but it is definitely a day durable. Since the Quark cannot settle prior to the re-Serve shake well.

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