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Fondant Cream


500 g powdered sugar
250 g Butter
3 EL milk, warm


Working time:
approx. 20 Min.

/ Difficulty:

/ Calories p. P.:

no information

The powdered sugar seven. The Butter will be soft and in the Mixer, stir until smooth. It is important that no pieces are present. The icing sugar gradually to the Butter and again stir until smooth. I always give each about 3 TABLESPOONS of powdered sugar.

After about half and add the first spoon of milk. The rest of the milk to the end.

The cream is quite firm and air dries quickly. So it should be the same, and quickly processed. Can be super smooth and enough for a pie with 8 cm height and 28 cm in diameter, completely.

For this cream you don’t need many ingredients, it is easy to make and it tastes also very good! But the Best part is – you will be very quickly in the fridge and you can cover the cake faster. This saves really a lot of waiting.

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