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Manus light Tiramisu cake


2 large Egg(he)
1 pinch(n) salt
65 g sugar
1 Pck. vanilla sugar
75 g flour
1 TL baking powder
1 EL cocoa powder
  For the topping:
300 ml coffee, strong
4 EL Amaretto
3 blades gelatin
1 Pck. pudding powder vanilla for cooking
300 ml milk
140 g sugar
350 g quark
100 g cream
100 g spoon biscuits (15 pieces)
 something cocoa powder, for it dust
 n. B. Chocolate, white or chocolate decor to Decorate


Working time:
about 45 Min.

Rest period:
approx. 3 hrs.

/ Difficulty:

/ Calories p. P.:

no information

For the cake base in the oven to 180° C preheat.

Separate the eggs. Egg whites with salt to egg whites and beat, add the sugar slowly sprinkle and beat. Then each egg yolk individually under stirring. Flour with baking powder and cocoa and mix through the egg mass of seven. Then fold and place in a Springform pan. On the middle rack about 12 minutes to bake. Leave to cool.

Coffee and cook with 2 TBSP of Amaretto, mix and leave to cool. The gelatine leaves to soak. For the Pudding, the pudding powder with one part of milk and 70 g of sugar and stir well to rule a Pudding to cook (but only with 300 ml of milk). Then the gelatin in the hot custard to dissolve and leave to cool a little, always stirring so no skin forms. The Quark with the remaining sugar and 2 TBSP Amaretto liqueur and pour the warm Pudding mixture. Whip the cream until stiff and fold in.

The cake base with a fork. With half of the coffee-Amaretto mixture to the cake soak. Half of the Pudding-cream paint it on the cake base, ladyfingers with the remaining coffee mixture, soaking, and on the Pudding-cream. The rest of the custard cream on it and smooth it out. Then with a cocoa sprinkle and decorate.

2 – 3 hours in a cool place.

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