Pea soup


500 g peas, dried salted, green, peeled
shank(e), (Hämchen) 1-1,2 kg total weight
300 g bacon, lean, smoked, diced
3 EL soup, vegetables, salted for the broth
1 EL lard
3 large carrot(s), peeled, cut in half and in half of the sliced
200 g celeriac, finely diced
1 rod/n leek, large, in fine half-rings cut
1 large onion(s), with a shell, halved
500 g potato(n), cooking, weighed when peeled, diced
2 stem lovage, fresh, alternatively, 1 tablespoon dried
Bay leaves
3 EL, gestr. mustard, sharp
  salt and pepper, white from the mill
1 TL marjoram, dried
 n. B. parsley, freshly chopped smooth or a little finely sliced spring onion green
Sausages, smoked, sliced, optional


Working time:
approx. 30 Min.

/ Cooking/Baking Time:
approx. 3 hrs.

/ Difficulty:

/ Calories p. P.:

no information

The peas in a good 3-4 l of unsalted water with the Hämchen, any existing rind pieces, the halved onion, Bay leaves and lovage pan, bring to a boil, and about 2.5 hours to simmer. Who used unshelled peas, you must soak on the eve in unsalted water. In the meantime, the vegetables and the potatoes to prepare.

Boiled rind, the halved onion, lovage sprigs, and Bay leaves to remove. The Hämchen also take out and let cool slightly.

Salted soup of vegetables in a little lard in a separate pot or a pan fry with a little water, deglaze. To give the peas. Vegetables and potato cubes, with 1-1,5 l water and another 40 minutes to simmer. Note, pea-soup tends to Burn if it is regularly stirred!

The slightly cooled Hämchen from the rind to free the flesh from the bones remove, cut into pieces and back into the pea soup. Bacon cubes in a frying pan skip and crispy roast. Fat and bacon cubes to the soup. With pepper and mustard to taste and if necessary add some salt. If you like, you may also like to give a little marjoram to the soup. Just before Serving, chopped fresh parsley wouldn’t hurt, either. If you like, you can also give 2 Mette in slices in the soup and the last 15 to 20 minutes to follow suit.

Pea soup tastes even warmed up better, it should then be cooled after the completion of fast and well-refrigerated. It tips over, I will, within 24 hours, especially in warmer weather or thunderstorms.

A Bread and a tasty Kölsch!

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