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Philadelphia – cake, my favorite variant


225 g biscuits (coconut biscuits, 1 packet)
150 g Butter
  For the cream:
1 Pck. Jell-o (lemon flavor)
300 ml water
300 g cheese, low fat
250 g Mascarpone
1 large lemon(n), if left untreated, the abrasion and the juice of
100 g sugar
250 ml cream fine to the Beat
200 ml whipped cream
2 Bag Cream
2 bags vanilla sugar
  To Decorate:
16 Balls confectionery (Raffaello)


Working time:
approx. 30 Min.

Rest period:
approx. 3 hrs.

/ Difficulty:

/ Calories p. P.:

approximately 370 kcal

For the ground first the biscuit, crumble the (stage way, in a freezer bag with a rolling pin). It doesn’t matter if a few larger pieces remain, which makes the bottom crispy.

Melt the Butter in a saucepan, melt the biscuits and mix well in a at bottom with baking paper Springform cake tin (e.g., 28mm). With the Hand nice and firmly press down.

For the cream first, the Jell-o powder in a pot with 300 ml of cold water, stir, 10 minutes sources. Then, under Stirring, heat until the powder has completely dissolved (do not boil) and let cool.

With the hand mixer the cream cheese, Mascarpone, juice, and possibly stirring the abrasion of one lemon, sugar and the cooled Jell-o smooth, until the mixture is nice and creamy. Cream and cream-fine with Cream and vanilla sugar until stiff and.

The finished cream evenly on the ground to distribute, and for at least 3 hours, better yet overnight in the refrigerator. Before Serving with the Raffaello balls to decorate.

I have made this cake several times already, she’s succeeded every Time, and my family and I like you very much. On other celebrations, you way is always very fast!

The nutritional information will vary of course with the ingredients used. Who would like to slim down the recipe even more “waste”, can also replace the Mascarpone cream cheese and the cream completely cream fine. For the floor use but would rather not half-fat margarine or the like, but real Butter. I’ve tried it once, and he was somehow too soft.

My details here are in accordance with the above given ingredients (the cream cheese 0,2 % fat and 61 kcal/100 g). 16 pieces of approximately 370 kcal therefore.

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