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Pretzel salad

Ingredients: 2 large pretzel(n) 8 EL olive oil 2&nbsp Alkalis;EL Butter 6  Radishes 150 g cherry tomato(n) 1  cucumber(n) 3 EL white wine vinegar   salt and pepper 1 TL honey, liquid 1 EL mustard, sweet 100 g spinach, young Directions: Working time: approx. 20 Min. / Cooking/Baking Time: approx. 5 Min. / Difficulty: simple / Calories …

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Cucumber island with a house and palm tree

Ingredients: 1 disc/n cucumber(n), (island) 1 cube Egg(he), cooked, Kohlrabi, cucumber or the like (as a house) 1 piece(s) carrot(n) 1 stem parsley Directions: Working time: approx. 3 Min. / Difficulty: simple / Calories p. P.: no information The slice of cucumber on a plate. From the desired ingredient (Egg, Kohlrabi, etc.) an approximately …

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