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Vegan chocolate cream

Vegan chocolate cream

Ingredients :


  • 70.00 g date (s), dried without stone
  • 70.00 g cashew nuts, unsalted
  • 2.00 tablespoons margarine, vegan (eg Alsan), melted
  • 3.00 tablespoons cocoa powder, de-oiled “


Working time: approx. 5 min. Resting time: approx. 30 min. / Difficulty level: simple / calorie p. P .: no information

The dates and cashew nuts in water approx. 30 min. soaking. Then purée with some remaining water, the fat and the cocoa powder with the blender or blender to a homogeneous mass. Depending on how strong you want the cream, take more or less water or adjust the amount of cocoa powder. The alternative to Nutella, the kids love it!


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